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Food to Try in Singapore

It doesn’t take much for a visitor to recognize the innate love for food that exists among Singaporeans. Good restaurants in Singapore are more than accustomed to long queues, and people like to come back even after years to taste their favorite dishes in some of the major culinary hotspots around the city.

Here is your lowdown on some interesting food in Singapore that you must try while visiting –

Chicken Rice

An eccentrically popular local food in Singapore, chicken rice can be found almost anywhere you go. Whether you are exploring the hawker stalls in the city or dining in a restaurant within a luxury hotel, the Singaporeans simply cannot get enough of their chicken rice. This dish consists of fragrant oily rice garnished with sliced cucumber and steamed or boiled chicken on top of it. The premium dark soy sauce, pounded ginger and chili with garlic served on the side go excellently well with this dish.

Char Kway Teow

High on fat, this popular street dish consists of flat rice noodles that are stir fried in lard along with chilli, de-shelled cockles, light and dark soy sauce, bean sprouts, Chinese chives, sliced Chinese sausage and eggs or prawns. One of the best char kway teows can be found at a modest hawker centre in the east of the city. Hill Street Fried Kway Teow is most often recommended.

Wantan Mee or Wontons

Did you know that the word “wonton” in Cantonese literally means “swallowing a cloud”? These soft, smooth and translucent dumplings do resemble fluffy clouds when added to your soup. That said, in Singapore, you are more likely to find the dry version of this dish. With a well balanced sauce these pork or shrimp dumplings make for a wholesome dish to try out. Hong Mao Wonton Mee is a cult favorite in Singapore. However, note that they run only between 7AM and 4PM and are closed on Mondays.

Chai Tow Kuay (Carrot Cake)

Much unlike the sweet western variant, this dish is actually made with white radish and rice flour. These large slabs of cake are cut into small pieces to be fried with soy sauce, eggs, fish sauce, garlic, preserved turnip and spring onions. The Heng Carrot Cake at the Newton Food centre is worth a try.

Chili Crab

One of the most popularly requested dishes in Singapore, this dish includes a savory and spicy chili-tomato sauce for the crab and delicious mini mantou buns. The Roland Restaurant on Marine Parade central is believed to have the best chili crabs in the city.

In addition to these, make it a point to try out the Bak Kut Ten (Pork Rib Tea), the Sambal Stingray and fried Hokkien mee while in Singapore.

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